Retirement Income Planning

Retiring with confidence.

Optimize your retirement income

Saving for retirement and living off the money you’ve saved after retirement require different approaches and discipline. Once you've retired, we’ll guide you to make the most efficient choices for your unique situation.

Having a sustainable tax efficient income during your retirement years is crucial to maintain your lifestyle and avoid the erosion of your hard-earned nest egg.
Income optimisation

Withdrawal strategy:
a dynamic and ongoing process

You'll likely have various sources of retirement income: government and work pensions, investments income, RRIFs, rental income, holding company and potentially part-time employment.
Deciding when and where to take your income from can have long-term consequences.

We'll help you choose the best option for your situation to save on taxes and maximize your earnings.

Here's what we propose

Mitigate taxes

All income is not taxed equally. We’ll focus on tax-efficient income distribution, so you keep more in your pocket.

Maximize cash-flow

We'll add reliable income producing assets to minimize withdrawals especially during bad markets.

Protect purchasing power

We'll include assets that aim to generate a positive inflation-adjusted return to protect your purchasing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some options for generating retirement income from investments?

Several strategies allow for the generation of a sustainable and reliable retirement income. Whether it involves incorporating income-producing securities such as dividend-paying stocks, preferred stocks, bonds and fixed income products, real estate rental income, or REITS into your portfolios, or utilizing insurance-based solutions such as annuities or guaranteed lifetime withdrawal products, we will assess your options and implement a tax-efficient income plan tailored to your situation.

How can I create a tax-efficient retirement income plan?

Creating a tax-efficient retirement income plan involves effectively managing withdrawals from various types of retirement accounts, optimizing government annuity benefits, using tax-efficient investments, and considering the tax implications of your investment earnings as well as any other income sources.

We will coordinate everything so that you can pay the least amount of taxes possible and keep more for yourself to fully enjoy your retirement.