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Discover the Marlo 6-Step Process.

The Marlo
6-Step Process

At Marlo Wealth Management, we simplify your life by serving all your wealth planning needs in one place.
Our six-step process ensures the right fit with you, gives us the tools to develop a customized strategy for every stage of your financial journey, and sees that strategy through to the achievement of your goals.

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    Our process begins with a brief ‘fit call’, followed by a more in-depth discovery meeting in which we learn about your goals and aspirations and tell you about our process and values—building a strong foundation for a partnership to last.
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    After we’ve gotten to know you, we perform a rigorous assessment of your financial situation and develop a custom-tailored strategy that will empower you to achieve your goals.
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    Growing your wealth

    We implement and continually adjust your investment strategy as market conditions and your personal goals evolve, applying tax-efficient and cost-effective methods. Our aim is to help you grow your wealth and keep more of what you earn. All investment related services are offered through PEAK Securities inc.

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    Protecting your wealth

    You work hard to build your wealth. An unexpected death, illness or injury can have serious financial consequences on your family or business. We’ll make sure you have the proper insurance-based solution in place to protect your wealth and have the peace of mind you deserve.
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    Retiring with confidence

    Preparing for retirement is one of life’s most important transition. Our retirement income planning process ensures that you are well-prepared for this next step, helping you optimize your decumulation strategy to minimize taxes so you keep more of your money to do the things you want.
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    Maximizing your legacy

    A vital last step of the process is to secure your financial legacy and ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes through our comprehensive estate planning process. We'll review your will, living will, insurance portfolios, and minimize taxes on potential capital gains, so your affairs are in order for the future.
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