Insurance Planning

Securing your loved one's financial future.

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Safeguarding against the unexpected is a key part of any sound financial plan. That’s why we offer a wide range of insurance-based solutions — life, disability, and critical illness insurance — to make sure you are fully protected.

As your wealth grows and your personal circumstances evolve, insurance solutions become an increasingly important part of your wealth protection plan.

Here's What We provide

Family protection

• Protect your family’s lifestyle
• Protect your income in case disability or illness strikes
• Pay off debt and mortgage
• Provide tax-free liquidity to your estate
• Pay taxes that could be due upon death

Business protection

• Pay off corporate debt
• Cover business overhead expenses in case of disability or critical illness
• Fund a buy-sell agreement
• Provide tax-free liquidity in case of death or disability of a key person

Wealth protection

Life insurance’s unique tax-free treatment helps:
• Maximize the value of your estate
• Fund the taxes owed on your registered portfolios (RRSP/RRIF...)
• Fund capital gain taxes on your investment or real estate portfolios
• Tax efficiently transfer corporate assets to your loved ones

Whatever your objectives are - we’ll assess your situation and recommend a proper life insurance solution to maximize your legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the life insurance death benefit tax-free?
The death benefit paid from a Life insurance policy is a tax-free lump sum when received by the beneficiaries.
It is recommended to file the name of your beneficiary with the insurance company, so they can rapidly receive the death benefit directly, bypassing the estate which can take some time to settle.
How much insurance do I need?

The amount of life insurance you need depends on your circumstances and your stage of life. The stage at which you need the most coverage coincides with significant financial responsibilities. Here are the stages at which individuals typically require high coverage:

Growing families/Homeownership/Parenting responsibilities: theses stages often involve high insurance needs. You should have sufficient coverage to cover the mortgage, replace your income, and provide for the children’s education and living expenses.

Empty Nesters/Retirees: at that stage, wealth preservation and legacy planning become important issues.

Business Owners: insurance plays an important role in protecting a key person or funding a shareholder's buy-sell agreement.

High Net Worth Individuals: life insurance can play a role in providing liquidity for estate taxes, equalizing inheritances, and ensuring wealth preservation for future generations.

Insurance Needs Calculator: Try the calculator.

Why do I still need life insurance if I’ve accumulated substantial assets and have no debt ?
Life insurance plays a different role at various stages of your life. On the long term, life insurance becomes an important estate planning tool. It can be used to enhance your legacy, pay tax bills at death, make charitable donations or withdraw tax-free dollars from your corporation.
What is the difference between disability insurance and critical illness insurance?

Both programs are designed to protect you in the event of an unforeseen event, so they are similar but not identical. Disability insurance pays a monthly benefit, usually tax-free, if you are disabled due to injury or illness for a certain period, often up to age 65. Critical illness insurance pays you a lump sum 30 days after you are diagnosed with a critical illness, according to your policy.